Review on blog: How Savvy are Your Students?: 7 Fake Websites to Really Test Their Evaluation Skills

It is more than a matter of perspective!

How Savvy are your students? was posted 10 January 2017 by Michele Kirschenbaum.

First, you get a good laugh when reading what these fake websites offer.

Second, you introduce the websites to your students enrolled in your academic research class.

Third, you will hear serious discussions take place about the validity of the bogus claims!

Fourth, you will absolutely spend more time on research, source validation, keeping a research log and Fake news and the spread of misinformation.

Fifth, even when you spend a unit of study on the fake websites; why they are fake; how to spot their “fakeness”  – one student will NOT  be convinced and initiate a long, after class discussion with you!

Here is another interesting article on this phenomena:

“With Facebook, Blogs, and Fake News, Teens Reject Journalistic ‘Objectivity’”
Marchi, Regina. Journal of Communication Inquiry, 2012. doi: 10.1177/0196859912458700.


Author: drcowinj

Dr. Cowin is a visionary with executive and education experience who believes transformative leadership happens through cooperation plus collaboration resulting in personal and institutional transformation. Her values of integrity, ethics, innovation, empowerment of those less fortunate, diversity, and growth are encapsulated in her belief of “Service above Self.” She holds impeccable academic credentials as a Fulbright Scholar with two Masters Degrees and a Doctor of Education from Teachers College/Columbia University As the President of the Rotary Club of New York, Chief Marketing Officer of PeopleMovers® and former faculty, she brings over 25 five years of experience as an educator, tech innovator, entrepreneur and institutional leader in the areas of financial stewardship, governance, marketing, teaching and implementation of strategic partnerships. The principles of growth, differentiation, and adaptation guide her professional life. She believes in high ethical standards in her personal life and business, the recognition of the worthiness of all productive occupations, and the dignifying of each person's occupation as an opportunity to serve society. As a connector, she displays stamina, the ability to listen and reflect, diplomacy and a lifelong passion for education as the path to personal empowerment. Her extensive background in education, administration, not-for-profit leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to institutional success, technology innovation, and demonstrated ability to work with others provide her with unique skills and vertical networks locally and globally.

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