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Cooperation and Collaboration = Transformation

Dr. Cowin is a Fulbright Scholar and full-time faculty at Touro University. As an Education Policy Fellow at the EPFP™ Institute, Columbia University/Teachers College, she became part of a select group of strategic leaders analyzing effective educational policy and leadership trends. She believes educational transformation starts with teachers who value students and see students’ personal and collective experiences as assets with a focus on Lynda Miller’s “philosophy of abundance”. Dr. Cowin is actively engaged with her Dr. J’s Education Blog: Exploration in Education

Professional highlights include: 

  • Steering Committee member and the Leadership for CALL-IS for TESOL International. 2022 -2024 
  • Conference co-chair for the  Second Annual VirtuaTeLL Conference Spring 2022 (VTCon 2022), NYS TESOL 
  • Chair & Vice President , NYS TESOL conference, 2021 
  • Board member: Today’s Students, Tomorrow’s Teachers, an innovative career development and mentoring program that recruits, mentors, and trains culturally diverse students from high school through college and places them as effective teachers and leaders within their community. 
  • Board member Holo Sail Technologies, Inc., a disruptive “Tech” startup. Using patented advancements in technology, in house AI 
  • TESOL expert and ‘Train the Trainer’ facilitator for Future Horizons Foundation for Translation, Training, and Development, Sanaa, Yemen. 
  • Sustainability Advisor, Computer for Schools Burundi, Burundi 

As a published author her research focuses on:

  • Simulations, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Avatars, and Teacher Training 
  • The Metaverse: Educational Use Cases  
  • Asset Mapping and Multilingual Learner Engagement 
  • Educational Transformation and SDG 4 in High-Conflict Countries: Yemen and Burundi 
  • Distributed Ledger Technologies for Education and Government Institutions 
  • Pedagogy, language enrichment, and technology 
  • Multimodal and multiliteracy perspectives 

Her extensive background in education, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Green Swan market shifts, Black Swan events, not-for-profit leadership, and commitment to the idea of education as a basic human right, provide her with unique skills and vertical networks locally and globally.

Native Proficiency: English, German

As an Associate Professor for TESOL and Bilingual Programs at Touro College, Graduate School of Education Dr. Cowin’s focus is on the Responsibility to Touro Students (Teaching), Responsibility to the Discipline (Scholarship), and Responsibility to Touro College and Community (Service). Her appointment to Touro College, GSE, parallels a deep professional and personal commitment of hers to transcending boundaries to bring universal access to high-quality education. 

After completing her Doctor of Education at Columbia University/Teachers College, she started as a teacher in New York and eventually worked at multiple higher education institutions. Over time a personal interest in navigating complex and divergent stakeholders shaping the future of education crystallized. As a 2018-2019 Education Policy Fellow at the EPFP™ Institute, Columbia University/Teachers College, she became part of a select group of strategic leaders analyzing trends regarding effective educational policy and leadership. As an EPFP fellow, her focus was on three pillars: The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Leadership, and Educational Policy. 

For the last three years, she served as an advisor to “Computers for Schools Burundi”, a non-profit organization, registered in the Republic of Burundi. The principal objective is to modernize the Burundi education system through the implementation and use of Information and Communication Technologies.

Dr. Cowin strives to inspire students to be creative and to model the love of lifelong learning by inculcating the habits and attitudes that create agile mindsets. 21st-century education extends well beyond the classroom.

Of special research interest to her are The Blockchain of Things and its implications for Higher Education; 3D Modeling in Augmented and Virtual Reality for TESOL and beyond; Current Global Trends in Teaching English; Developing Materials and Resources in English Methodology; E-learning & Micro-Methodology in Teaching English; and E-Resources Discovery and Analysis; and Biometric Data Policy.

Dr. Jasmin (Bey) Cowin

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