About Dr. J.

As the second female President of the New York City Rotary Club in 108 years I have set the agenda for my presidential year focusing on membership development, Rotary means Business” and Service above Self”. In addition, I am the Lead Educational and Content Designer for PeopleMovers, a Community Platform. As faculty teaching in the University Preparation Program and delivering webinars to the Russian Territories for EF-Education First I am used to a rigorous work environment demanding agile project management skills with a high satisfaction client service requirement.  I am a team player with a passion for building relationships and fostering partnerships, both internally and externally and am proficient with cutting edge technology tools. Working with stakeholders to achieve collaborative processes to create vibrant partnership communities creates a win-win situation for all.

As the _MG_8718-1Rotary President-Elect and President (2017-2018) and Faculty at EF – Education First, and Lead Designer for PeopleMovers, I hold both an executive function, technology position and a faculty appointment. Through my Rotary leadership position, there is experience in planning, implementing and managing complex projects involving multiple, diverse stakeholders. I set goals for each committee; encourage communication between our club and our district; committees; review activities, goals, and expenditures and participate in decisions; supervise the preparation of a club budget and proper accounting practices, including an annual financial review; collaborate with the governor and assistant governor on club and district matters; communicate important information from the governor and the Secretariat to club members; follow Rotary’s youth protection policies and the Statement of Conduct for Working With Youth and implement the requirements for the Youth Exchange program. Our club is actively involved with the NYC Administration for Youth Services to engage under-served foster teens in all five boroughs.

The Motto for my Presidency Year 2017-2018: 

Cooperation and Collaboration = Transformation

As Adjunct English Faculty at the University Preparation Program, Education First (EF), I have a demonstrated record of teaching excellence and a deep commitment to student success. My teaching and college advising approach are student-centered with the aim to open the doors of knowledge not only empirically but emotionally as well. As a facilitator and former ESL learner, I sat where my students sit today. Genuine sympathy and sincere empathy for their struggles, aspirations, successes, and failures guide my teaching philosophy. My additional qualifications include experience, instruction, and training in multimodal hybrid courses; fluency with data management platforms such as Excel and course content platforms such as Moodle and WordPress.

I am a learner-centered teacher who is passionate about guiding students on their road to self-discovery and content mastery. Part and parcel is the ability to think, solve problems, evaluate evidence, analyze arguments, generate hypotheses – all those learning skills essential to synthesis and creation in their chosen discipline. The Experiential Learning Philosophy, the Communicative Classroom, and authenticity in a student-centered classroom are the cornerstones of my educational approach.

In my curriculum design and lesson planning, I work with Blooms Taxonomy and the Deeper Learning program which is part of the Strengthening Developmental Education Reforms. The emphasis is on stronger content knowledge, cognitive strategies, and learning behaviors which are associated with long-term success in both college and the workforce.

I conceived, designed and developed multiple, holistically integrated English and tech portfolios in face-to-face, online and blended curricula across a variety of disciplines. Courses taught include writing, rhetoric, and linguistics. My administrative duties included curriculum development, program assessment, student placement, and faculty training.

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