Educational Technology meets Virtual Reality Fiction

The Independent School and College Virtual Reality Interview App Jasmin B. Cowin

Jasmin B. Cowin, Ed.D.


Interviews for Independent Private Schools, Boarding Schools, and colleges are a source of anxiety for applicant students. The primary goals  of this App are diminishing interview anxiety and creating a Virtual World Interview Camp.

All independent schools/colleges feature one universal, critical requirement – the admissions interview, be it by Skype or in person.
Students who apply to an independent school or college for admission are required to meet with an admissions officer in a one-on-one and/or small group setting. Admissions officers view their interactions with prospective students and their families as their number one priority. Schools place extreme value on personal interactions with new families. This Virtual Reality Educational Software program would prepare students for the interviews with Independent schools or colleges.

The function of the App would be Digital Data transformation by “slurping up” public data from around the web, run it through “proprietary school personality detection technology,” and spit out a detailed report on the school’s preferred style of communicating, standard questions, highly desirable student profile, style of teaching, school mottos etc. This app features part oppo research and part algorithmic astrology with the App not only creating a database of personalized standard and complex questions but also building a four-dimensional school/college VR personality profile. Applicants can then enter this four-dimensional world for touch-enable exploration. The App would feature VR sessions which “model” admissions interviews. The VR counselor will create vocabulary matrix for students to practice “Admission vocabulary.” The App would track progress, multi-dimensional and students would receive a Virtual Reality merit badge for every level of completed admission practice. The program will be able to screen/parse school websites and content for proprietary school coaching with personalized answer generation taking into consideration the student’s age and language ability (native-non-native speaker).
The App is designed to work with Oculus’ Touch to deliver the perfect multidimensional gestural and vocal interface simulating an admissions interview

Author: drcowinj

I am the Chief Marketing Officer for a start-up IT company, PeopleMovers®, a global Community Networking Platform. As an experienced executive, both at a strategic and operational level, with strong track record in developing, driving and managing business improvement and development, change management and turn-around I worked with value-adding leadership. The primary drivers have been branding, marketing and efficiency, improved customer satisfaction and retainment, customer service, product management, cross-functional business improvements and development of sponsor presentations with sponsor meetings. On a day to day basis, I write press releases and speeches, analyze case studies, create presentations, organize media events and photo ops, press conferences, podcasts/webcasts, write video scripts, fan boards, and coordinate blogging and speaking opportunities. The Presidency of the Rotary Club of New York is dear to my heart. As the second woman to be elected in 109 years, I have a leadership role in shaping and directing the club's programs and international strategic alliances. The position encompasses being a leader, manager, and collaborator and working to further The Rotary Club of New York’s (RCNY) public diplomacy mission through the management of its United Nations International Breakfast meetings, sponsoring international Rotary scholars and amplifying the visibility of RCNY. Part of this volunteer leadership position centers around cooperation and collaboration to do "Service above Self." The Rotary network encompasses more than 1.3 million members worldwide. I am working on our International Breakfast Lecture series at the United Nations and a Harvey Relief event to increase the visibility of the club’s Rotary branding. The International Breakfast Series is streamed live on Facebook with an audience of 5000+ international viewers. Also, I am the US Ambassador of the Hepatitis Zero Campaign, a worldwide campaign dedicated to the eradication of hepatitis . As a University Pathway facilitator at EF - Education First, I conceived, designed and developed multiple portfolios of face-to-face, online and blended curricula across a variety of disciplines Courses and expertise are in Global Economics, International Affairs, Academic Writing, Grammar, and business case study seminars. For EF's Russian branch I held interactive webinars for lawyers, teachers, engineers with a strong practical applicability into real-life teaching.

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