Dr. Cowin presents on “Simulation Training, Teacher Performance, Assessment and Artificial Intelligence” at the English Language Centre, International English Language Teaching Symposium (IELTS-2022), “Pathways, Paradigms and Possibilities (PPP) in ELT,” Oman


Teacher education programs require pathways for teacher performance assessment supporting ELT candidates completing practicum and fieldwork hours. This presentation focuses on reviewing, contrasting, and framing two distinct immersive ecosystems. Mursion and simSchool. Either platform offers immersive experiences simSchool is AI-driven while Mursion employs mixed-reality simulations. Both provide ELT teachers a platform to practice and hone the art and skill of teaching within a simulation using avatars through customized and personalized clinical experiences for language teaching.


This workshop took deep dive into two very distinct teacher simulation training platforms: simSchool and Mursion. By comparing and contrasting the platforms’ respective approaches to simulation training workshop attendees be introduced to simulation-based learning and emotionally intelligent student avatar. This presentation identified, summarized, and reflected through showcasing each platforms teaching and simulation scenarios. In addition, simulation teacher performance assessment generates data. Such data aggregation offers institutions informed decision-making teacher performance through systematic reviews using data and technology to improve their language teacher education programs.