Touro University Online Summit 22 Presentation  by Jasmin Cowin, Ed.D. on “AI, Avatars and 21st Century Simulation Training for Educators”

AI and intelligent systems are positioned to become change agents in education through ushering in profound changes in institutional administrative and teaching functions, systemic strategic planning, and program planning. Post-pandemic, the explosive growth of fully-accredited online degrees has also reached teacher education programs. However, any online teacher education program needs alternative pathways to support teacher candidates in their online journey at Touro University and towards teacher certification. This lightening talk focused on alternative meeting, teaching and advising spaces in metaverses such as Agora World. Meeting in such alternative, closed-loop spaces fosters positive faculty-candidate interaction, provides pathways for collaborative experiences, nurtures self-efficiacy, and the ability to partner authentically through talking, presenting, debating within groups in a constructed safe metaverse space.