Reimagine and Redesign: Augmented Reality Digital Technologies & 21st Century Education by Jasmin (Bey) Cowin on Kindle Edition

Jasmin (Bey) Cowin, Ed.D., Assistant Professor and TESOL Practicum CoordinatorTouro University, Graduate School of Education, New York, NY Google Scholar Profile: Dr. Jasmin Cowin, Orchid ID: 0000-0002-0405-8774

Reimagine and Redesign: Augmented Reality Digital Technologies & 21st Century Education Kindle Edition

It is finally done! I published my essay on augmented digital reality technologies, big data, and the need for a teacher workforce on Kindle! The essay explores applications and educational use cases of augmented reality digital technologies for educational organizations during the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Fourth Industrial Revolution requires vision, flexibility, and innovative educational conduits by governments and educational institutions to remain competitive in a global economy while simultaneously working towards new governance structures aimed to mitigate external interruptions and algorithmic biases by Artificial Intelligence algorithmic models. Educational organizations will need to focus on teaching in and for a digital age to continue offering academic knowledge relevant to 21st-century markets and changing labor force needs. Implementing contemporary disciplines will need to be embodied through learners’ active knowledge-making experiences while embracing ubiquitous accessibility. The power of Distributed Ledger Technology promises major streamlining for educational record-keeping, degree conferrals, and authenticity guarantees. Augmented reality digital technologies (ARDT) hold the potential to restructure educational philosophies and their underpinning pedagogies thereby transforming modes of delivery. Structural changes in education and governmental planning are already increasing through intelligent systems and big data. Reimagining and redesigning education on a broad scale is required to plan and implement governmental and institutional changes to harness innovative technologies while moving away from the industrial manufacturing labor force.
Keywords—Fourth Industrial Revolution, artificial intelligence, big data, education, Augmented Reality Digital Technologies, Distributed Ledger Technology

Dr. Cowin publishes in the Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics on “The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Technology and Education.”

I am pleased to share that my latest article on The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Technology and Education was published:

Cowin, J. (2021). The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Technology and Education. Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics, and Informatics (2021) 19(8), 53 63,