Dr. Jasmin Cowin joins Inter-National Association FOR Trans-Disciplinary Communication AFTC as a Founding Member and Call for Papers

The International Institute of Informatics and Cybernetics, IIIC through The Inter-National Association FOR Trans-Disciplinary Communication AFTC is planning a Special Issue FOR “Trans-Disciplinary Communication”

The objectives are 1) to support a written dialogue related to the Foundation of the International Association FOR “Trans-Disciplinary Communication”, 2) to potentially support the elaboration of a founding collective document, and/or 3) a special issue of the journal related to the notion “Transdisciplinary Communication”  which have two main meaning implied by the context in which the notion is used: 3a) the “Transdisciplinary Communication”  required for communicating members of a multidisciplinary team working in the context of trans-disciplinarity and/or transdisciplinary research, and 3b) the “Transdisciplinary Communication”  related to communicating authors with readers from different disciplines. speakers for a multidisciplinary audience, or even with the Society in General. The latter is the second sense of the etymological meaning of the prefix ‘trans-”, i.e., across and beyond. Accordingly, based on these two etymological senses, “Trans-Disciplinary Communication” means across disciplines and/or beyond them. The first relates academics from different disciplines and the second relates Academy to Society at Large. The latter requires to use of the natural language being spoken in each country.

Call for papers: The 14th International Conference on Society and Information Technologies: ICSIT 2023© March 28 – 31, 2023 Submissions Articles might be submitted for face-to-face or virtual participation in the conference. For details regarding the types of submission, please click here. Submitted papers will have double-blind and non-blind review. They may also have peer-to-peer participative review. More details regarding the Reviewing Policy can be found by clicking on the link “Multi-Methodological Reviewing Process for Multi-Disciplinary Conferences” under the “Reviewers” tab. The acceptance policy to be applied to the reviewed submissions made to ICSIT 2023 is based on the Majority Rule, applied to the reviews received for each submitted article. Details on this issue can be found by clicking on the link “Acceptance Policy” under the “General Info” tab.