Computers For Schools Burundi:Kuvumbura Bishasha, Uvumbuzi, Innovation

Emmanuel Ngendakuriyo, Founder and Executive Director of Computers for Schools Burundi (CfSB) believes that ICT integration into the Burundian education system and focused education for innovation in e-waste management are the keys to capitalize on Fourth Industrial Revolution opportunities.

Prof. Jasmin (Bey) Cowin, is part of the CfSB team and contributes as a Global Impact & Sustainability Analyst. Shen created the infographic to integrate three major language spoken in Burundi: Kirundi, Swahili, and English to showcase the differences of cultural meanings of general ideas, concepts and ICT vocabulary. In addition, Prof. Cowin hopes to promote intercultural and plurilingual competences through the trilingual infographic.

A principal goal of CfSB is to modernize the Burundi education system through universal ICT education in primary and secondary schools, thereby creating access to and equity in digital skills for Burundian youth. The vision is to promote and integrate the use of ICT and 21st Century skills into primary and secondary schools as the main engine of sustainable development in Burundi. The mission focuses on delivering quality ICT education to all Burundian school-age youth, thereby creating a solid foundation for the development of future innovation, industrialization, science, technology integration; eventually resulting in poverty reduction and allowing Burundi’s citizens to participate in and join as global citizens in the global economy.