Touro College features: Candidate Carmen Montoya’s Digital Portfolio TESOL Website

Practicum Assignment:

Digital Portfolio Project Purpose: The purpose of creating and maintaining an electronic portfolio is for teacher candidates to reflect on the course of study at Touro College. The portfolio should include a statement of the teacher candidates’ goals, philosophy of education, and files that showcase the candidate’s best work. The work selected by the student for the electronic portfolio should be organized and reflected upon.

Artifacts: The electronic portfolio shows examples of different kinds of work such as PowerPoint presentations, Excel files, photograph examples, and Word documents. Be creative: You can showcase anchor charts, word walls, student work (without identifying names), assignments you created, papers you wrote during your course of study, etc.  Each example is accompanied by a short reflection composed by the teacher candidate.

Carmen Montoya is a career changer, who holds a Masters of Science degree, as well as an Initial Certification in Childhood Education and Special Education, Grades 1-6 from the Touro Graduate School of Education. “I am currently pursuing a TESOL Advanced Certificate for grades K-12 at Touro, due to be completed by the fall of 2020. I have spent the past four years working with grades K – 8 in various capacities that have allowed me to serve this student population within instructional, sports, arts, and literacy programs at different times. This phenomenal experience has further reinforced my passion for cultivating academic excellence and character growth among my students, as well as strong interpersonal skills with administration and fellow staff members. I hope to teach for some time, working with students at the grade and middle school levels, and with the adult population in the future. My varied interests are writing children’s fiction, art, history, science, traveling, dance, and music.”

Website: Carmen Montoya for Practicum 680, Touro College, TESOL and Bilingual Department


Author: drcowinj

As an Assistant Professor & Practicum Coordinator for TESOL and Bilingual Programs at Touro College, Graduate School of Education my focus is on the Responsibility to Touro Students (Teaching), Responsibility to the Discipline (Scholarship), and Responsibility to Touro College and Community (Service). As the Practicum Coordinator, my Teacher Professional Practice identifies those aspects of a teacher’s responsibilities that have been documented through empirical studies and theoretical research as promoting improved student learning. In the framework, the complex activity of teaching is divided into the seven New York State Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) Standards for teacher evaluation that are clustered into four domains of teaching responsibility (as framed in the Teachscape Danielson Rubric approved by New York State). I strive to inspire students to be creative and to model the love of lifelong learning by inculcating the habits and attitudes that create agile mindsets. 21st-century education extends well beyond the classroom and incorporates online learning technologies for L2 language acquisition and current global trends in teaching English as a Second Language. I participate fully in the larger world of TESOL academic discipline as elected Vice President and Chair Elect for the New York State, NYSTESOL organization, for the 2021 conference. Ongoing research, expressed in scholarly contributions to the advancement of knowledge is demonstrated through publications (articles in Education Update), presentations, and participation in academic conferences, blogging, and other scholarly activities, including public performances and exhibitions at conferences and workshops. Of particular interest to me are The Blockchain of Things and its implications for Higher Education; Current Global Trends in TESOL; Developing Materials and Resources in Teaching English; E-learning & Micro-Methodology in TESOL; E-Resources Discovery and Analysis; and Language Acquisition and the Oculus Rift in VR.

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