Process Chart for Computers for Schools Burundi

This poster presents an analysis of the SOFAIR method, a Six Sigma Approach to continual improvement for social responsibility that was used to analyze the collaborative project Computers for Schools Burundi. This project, together with several stakeholders both in Burundi and globally, supports thousands of students from disadvantaged regions throughout Burundi.

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Kenya Star features Computers for Schools Burundi

A renewed focus on universal access to and equity in ICT for Burundian youth requires a two-pronged approach: investment in ICT equipment and implementation of ICT curricula with targeted efforts to develop 21st-century skillsets. The partnership between Computers for Schools Burundi, Rotary and the Five Schools of Excellence is an African trailblazer harnessing the power of multiple stakeholders for the common good of Burundian youth.

IMG_0930NICEEWComputers for Schools Burundi (CfSB), a project where I  volunteer as their Sustainability Analyst using the SOFAIR model is gaining international recognition. CfSB has partnered with Rotary Clubs, nationally and internationally. Rotary is made up of three parts: clubs, Rotary International, and The Rotary Foundation. Collectively, Rotary works to make lasting change in communities and around the world. CfSB, the Rotary Club Bujumbura-Doyen, the Rotary Club Ottawa, and the Rotary Club West Ottawa are working together to analyze a possible grant application through Rotary International. The Rotary Club of New York is providing additional funding. The active board of CfSB is composed of members of local, regional, international companies, nongovernmental organizations, and the government.

I wrote the following article which was featured in Kenya Star:

An African Trailblazer: Computers for Schools Burundi, Rotary and Burundi’s Five Schools of Excellence



Access and Equity: Computers for Schools Burundi


It was a true honor to have ICSEI 2020 choose “Access and Equity: Computers for Schools Burundi”, for one of the Innovate sessions.

Computers For Schools Burundi, a non-profit organization, is registered in the Republic of Burundi since March 15, 2012 RN: 530/386. The principal goals are modernizing the Burundi education system by having computers and computer education in all 18 provinces by 2025 to enable access of computer technology to 80% of all pupils, students, and teachers in Burundi.

Information technology training programs are the key to digital entrepreneurship and innovation, ensuring that future generations of Burundians take part in the global digital economy in ways that are successful and sustainable.

To further these goals, the Burundi Government has set up the Five Schools of Excellence project, with the goal to prepare their youth to become future leaders serving in the public and private administration, scientific research centers, and digital innovators.
The “Five Schools of Excellence” are chosen throughout the country with the selection criteria of students based on the national exam for the highest scoring students of six grades in all elementary schools of Burundi. Computers For Schools Burundi has partnered with the Ministry of Education to facilitate these important goals for the well-being of future generations in Burundi.

Attached is a part of my ICSEI 2020 presentation.

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Equalizing the Digital Divide: Computers For Schools in Burundi

Cooperation and Collaboration  = Transformation

RCNY’s President Dr. Cowin personally supports Computers For Schools Burundi through the RCNY Foundation as she believes that  computers and mobile devices have become almost ubiquitous in society. Yet, improving student learning can depend on where you live and access to computers. This gap in equality has generated talk of a new digital divide. “We have moved from the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots.’ says Leslie Wilson, founder and chief executive officer of the nonprofit One-to-One Institute in Michigan.

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Emmanuel Ngendakuriyo, Director, Computers For Schools Burundi from Bujumbura-Burundi heads this local non profit organization registered in republic of Burundi. The principal objective is to modernize the Burundi education system through the use of Information  and Communications Technologies(ICT) in the Schools, Universities and Community. The organization achieves this  by providing computers to schools and train the teachers on how to use the equipment and software,and later,the teachers  facilitate the ICT curriculum for students in the classes.

Computers For Schools Burundi is working in partnership  with RC Bujumbura,RC Ottawa, and RC West Ottawa for Global Grant project for equipping 5 schools in Burundi with 100 Computers(a computer lab equipped with   20 Computers each school) and training of 100 teachers from those schools. The Beneficial Schools Background, a draft of a  Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) between the clubs with short explains the project and budget (French version) ICT LAB 2018 BACKGROUND OF BENEFICIALS SCHOOLSRCB ICT LAB 2 protocole d_accord draft 02 01 2018
Computers For Schools Burundi are happy to partner with the Rotary Club of New York for the successful implementation of these project. Visit the Computers For Schools Burundi website for more information (